Training Shoes For Overpronation

Prevent injury and protect your arches in training shoes for overpronation. Designed for support and stability, you'll go the extra mile without any worries.

adidas Overpronation Training Shoes

Overpronation training shoes from adidas are designed to provide support and stability for those who overpronate or have a tendency to roll their feet inward when they walk, run or work out. Overpronation training sneakers have a variety of features that make them ideal for those who need extra support, including a thicker sole to provide cushioning and shock absorption, and a higher arch to help keep the foot in place. One way to detect overpronation is to examine the soles of your shoes. If you notice wear on the inside sole near the area of your big toe, you are likely dealing with overpronation. Another way to examine your tendency to overpronate is by setting your shoes on a flat surface to see if they lean inward. Overpronation can lead to a host of problems in the joints, bones, and muscles, not to mention the feet. These problems often get worse over time.

Those who overpronate often suffer heel or arch pain, along with flat feet, corns, calluses and hammer toes. Further, overpronation can lead to knee, hip or back pain. In general, overpronation describes a very common condition that affects millions of people. Those with slightly flattened feet are more likely to develop overpronation. But other factors, such as pregnancy, obesity and consistent running or walking on hard surfaces, along with heredity, can all play a part. With so many different overpronation training shoes on the market, it can be tough to know which one is the right on for you. But with adidas overpronation training footwear, you can be sure you're getting a quality product that will provide the support you need to stay safe and comfortable during your workouts and runs. And that's where overpronation gym shoes from adidas enter the conversation as you search for ways to adjust your gait.

When the gym or the running bug calls your name, adidas overpronation workout shoes will keep you comfortable and ready to give your favorite activity your best effort. Tackle your strength training and gym workouts without hesitation in overpronation training shoes that help you level up your game. You'll find a low midsole drop that gives you a feeling of ground contact as it encourages proper form and increases your confidence in your movements. Look for two different types of EVA cushioning to give you stability on your heels and comfort on the front of your foot. The regular fit includes a textile upper and padded collar for all-day comfort, while lace closure lets you snug things up for a just-right feel. A grippy rubber outsole gives you sure footing whether you're in the gym, on the hiking trail or hitting the road for a long-distance run.

Meanwhile, recent research suggests that simply finding high-quality shoes that give you a supremely comfortable fit might be the best route to take. In that case, adidas Ultraboost shoes might be the right overpronation gym shoes for you. Whether you're running, walking, or just hanging out, responsive adidas Boost cushioning delivers ultimate comfort and energy return. Foot-hugging adidas PRIMEKNIT supports every step, and a Linear Energy Push system keeps you going longer. The grippy rubber outsole gives you traction on wet and dry surfaces so you can go the distance in all conditions – whether you're in the gym, at the yoga studio, on the treadmill or enjoying the great outdoors. Whatever you decide, browse for your favorite colors and look for on-trend prints that speak to your style, along with classic adidas logos and iconic 3-Stripes that add a sporty finish. Shop adidas for overpronation training shoes that let you give your all to your activity of choice.