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The great outdoors are calling, but trekking through mother nature isn’t always just a walk in the park. The trail can be rough, cold, and unrelenting, but adidas Terrex gear keeps you protected from the elements and comfortable even in the most unforgiving conditions. Get prepared to hike, run the trails, and backpack through the backcountry with Terrex shoes, snowboard boots, shorts, hiking pants, tops, jackets, backpacks, and hats.


Trail running is one of the most intense workouts, it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. Only the best gear will give you the best performance. Terrex Speed Pro Trail Running Shoes are designed to be light enough for you to zoom through technical terrain and durable enough to cushion the impact of rocks and roots underfoot. The Continental™ Rubber underfoot helps you maintain your grip no matter how wet the trail becomes.Whether you’re going for a day trek with friends or you’ve set your sights on the summit, you need footwear that will hold up even when the weather doesn’t. Terrex hiking shoes from adidas are built to withstand everything from the base camp to the peak. Terrex hiking shoes with GORE-TEX membranes keep your feet bone dry every step of the way. Boost cushioning delivers comfort and energy return across any temperature on the terrain. Continental™ Rubber outsoles provide adaptive grip at every point on and off the trail. Midsole plates ensure protection from stones and sharp objects.Rugged and responsive, adidas snowboard boots maximize performance on the slopes and in the park in classic adidas style. Dial in the fit using our unique and intuitive lacing system.


Don’t let the howling wind or blistering sun keep you from enjoying the magic of mother nature. For cooler hikes, we recommend an adidas long sleeve as an underlayer, topped with an adidas fleece or a down vest. Prepare for wetter weather with a GORE-TEX waterproof jacket, a RAIN.RDY jacket, an anorak, or an adidas parka. When the sun’s out to play, stay cool and ventilated with our classic tank tops or trail running tees.Hiking pants from adidas are perfect for keeping the elements out and the warmth in while also providing a layer of protection from scratches and brambles. When the sun makes an appearance, get the most out of your warmer weather adventures and throw on a pair of adidas trail running shorts or hiking shorts to stay cool. Maintain your temperature and range of motion with a pair of adidas hiking and trail running leggings or tights.


Your head stays ventilated and gets protected by the shade of adidas Terrex five-panel caps and hats. Organize your snacks and gear with one of our Terrex backpacks. Don’t forget to keep your feet comfortable and dry with Terrex socks. Stay protected and comfortable from the trailhead to that breathtaking view at the top with adidas Terrex gear.

Terrex Clothes & Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

adidas Terrex is our line of outdoor adventure gear, spanning boots to jackets to gloves and hats. It's tactical, protective and designed for the versatile outdoor athlete. adidas Terrex is built with techs like GORE-TEX and adidas RAIN.RDY to keep you protected in a variety of weather conditions. It's functional — think pants with zip-off legs and jackets with packable hoods so you can adjust the coverage to your needs. Stay prepared for hiking, trail running and backcountry adventuring, and be ready to take in those breathtaking views.
adidas introduced the Terrex performance line of clothing and footwear for hikers, trail runners and other serious outdoor athletes in 2011. adidas hiking boots under the Terrex banner are designed to be light enough for technical terrain and durable enough to withstand rocks, roots and other debris. Continental™ Rubber underfoot helps hikers and runners maintain their grip no matter how wet the trail gets.
To clean your adidas Terrex Free Hiker shoes, first remove the laces and insoles, and then give the shoes a good shake to remove any gravel or dirt that's accumulated inside. Brush the outside of the shoe to remove loose dirt on the surface. Then you can use a sponge or cloth dampened with lukewarm water and a small amount of liquid detergent to clean deeper. Let the shoes air-dry, then relace them. Don't use bleach on your Free Hikers, and don't put them in the washing machine.