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<div><div><h4>TECHFIT APPAREL</h4><p>As an athlete, you spend long hours logging the miles and putting in the work. With intense training leading up to game time the best compression gear will help you perform at the top. Designed for hard-working athletes, adidas Alphaskin is the next generation of Techfit clothing. It brings a unique kinetic design that contours to muscles to decrease muscle fatigue, leading to better performance. Explore Alphaskin Techfit apparel for base layer shirts, tights, shorts, and more.</p><p><strong>TECHFIT TODAY</strong></p><p>Improving upon past Techfit leggings, Alphaskin leggings eliminate distraction and support hard-working muscles with a unique kinetic wrapped design. The result is a legging that moves in unison so you can focus on getting the win. If you’re looking for maximum compression for high-stakes games and intense training, go for Alphaskin 360 leggings. These tights produce body-wrapping support to move with you seamlessly. For medium compression and high ventilation, Alphaskin Sport leggings are made with sunny days in mind. Built with UV protection and breathable Climachill fabric, these tights will keep you feeling as fresh as before your workout began. Explore Alphaskin compression base layers and feel the improved support so you can level up your game.</p></div></div>