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<div><div><h4>Tango Soccer Shorts Apparel</h4><p>Every day is a chance to improve, and creators know that time on the pitch is how champions are made. If you want to unleash speed like the legends, take control, unlock agility or outclass your opponent, then do what it takes to develop your skills—designed for distraction-free comfort, adidas Tango soccer shorts apparel are just what you need to make it happen. Made with a range of materials, lengths and styles, adidas Tango soccer shorts apparel use lightweight, sweat-wicking fabric and are cut for performance with a full range of movement.</p><p>Built to support the most creative playmaking moves, Tango soccer shorts apparel stand up to the most aggressive opponents. Whether you’re a relentless pursuer, an unexpected disruptor or you make it all look easy, it’s up to you to create your best game.</p></div></div>