Sustainable Running Clothes & Shoes

Tread lightly from start to finish with sustainable running clothes and shoes from adidas. Let reduce, reuse and recycle guide your purchases.
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adidas Sustainable Running Clothes & Shoes

Running is a fantastic way to get a good workout, relieve stress and explore the great outdoors. But it can also do something else –i t can help the environment. At adidas, creating sustainable running clothes and shoes is one of our great passions. We strive to find the most environmentally-preferred materials for our gear, and then follow up by looking into the processes of how those materials are made. We work with companies and evaluate actions all along the supply chain. For real environmental change to happen, we need to accelerate toward decarbonization. To do that, we first need to understand the impact we're currently making so we can improve. From raw material extraction, processing, packaging, all the way to the end of many of our products' life cycle, we're now able to measure a carbon footprint (CO2e) to an internationally-recognized standard. In order to make your sustainable running outfit, we also look at everything from how we can cut back on dye and still achieve the saturated blacks and bright colors that consumers want, if and how we can use plant-based dyes, and how we can use no dye at all. The goal in making our sustainable running clothes and shoes is always to be better to the planet and its people, and to make and track measurable changes, season after season.

Our range of sustainable running clothes and shoes includes vegan-friendly shoes made from upcycled or responsibly-sourced materials. You'll also find comfortable retro and skateboarding sneakers with uppers made from cotton from our Better Cotton Initiative, and everyday running shoes like our NMDs with a Primeblue textile upper made from recycled waste, such as old fishing nets, plastic bottles and other post-consumer scraps. We've got shoes for every kind of runner, whether you're a veteran marathoner or just starting your fitness journey. From our adistar sneaker, designed for race day, to our iconic Ultraboost silhouette, all our sustainable running sneakers are designed to help you look good while feeling better about your purchase. But we don't stop there. In addition to using recycled content or other more sustainable material in our products, we now make running sneakers that are made to be remade (MTBR). Create a sustainable running outfit with the new MTBR footwear you'll find in our Ultraboost, Stan Smith and Terrex Free Hiker lines, and your actions will be part of a more-virtuous circle.

In our sustainable running outfit lines, you'll find everything from jackets, shorts and t-shirts to hats, beanies and accessories. Our comfy clothing is made with recycled polyester fibers that wick away moisture. That means they're perfect for long runs or fast-paced workouts. In fact, polyester is the most single-used material in adidas products, so we aim to replace all virgin polyester in our sustainable running clothes and shoes with recycled polyester wherever a solution exists. And we're making great progress toward that goal. In 2022, 96% of all polyester used by adidas was recycled. With accessories like waist pouches to hold your essentials and caps ready for sunny days in the park – both made from PET bottles – you can create an eco-friendly outfit, right down to the last detail. With innovative design and better care of the planet charting our way, we're making sustainable running sneakers and a host of other products that combine fashion and performance for a sustainable running experience, every time you step out your door. Whether your goal is to finish a race or just take in a quiet hiking trail, adidas has the apparel to match your ambition. Get running gear with a smaller carbon footprint. Put your best foot forward and choose sustainable running clothes and shoes from adidas.