Solar Running Shoes

Up your mileage. Increase your distance. Progress is the name of the game with adidas Solar running shoes — your workhorse pair for tackling daily runs in comfort.

adidas Solar Running Shoes

In life, there's always that one friend you can count on. The one who'll support you through all the changes in terrain, sideways jumps and roads loaded with obstacles. When it comes to running, that friend is your pair of SOLAR running shoes from adidas. Whether you're working on getting into the groove of weekly runs, adding clicks to your internal odometer or doing speedwork to shave crucial seconds off your race time, SOLAR running sneakers are ready to help you reach your goals.

Loaded with performance tech, SOLAR running shoes put power under your feet with an adidas Boost midsole that limits energy loss with each step, allowing you to go faster or farther without upping your effort. An advanced Linear Energy Push system — or LEP for short — integrated into the outsoles of a variety of our SOLAR running footwear models, increases forefoot and midfoot stability for more responsiveness than ever before. In models with LEP 2.0, additional innovation guides the heel strike and supports the foot through a controlled landing onto a propulsive toe-off that blasts you forward. Breathable uppers keep your feet cool and create a locked-in feel, while models with GORE-TEX on top keep them dry in wet weather. Continental™ Rubber outsoles round out each offering, with incredible traction across all surfaces. Running with a friend is always more fun than going it alone. Gear up in SOLAR running shoes from adidas, and log your miles with a built-in buddy by your side.