Soccer Goalie Gloves


Goalie gloves help creators with the most trained reflexes. From light support and extra grip to added cushioning and finger spines, find adidas soccer gloves for any keeper’s style.


Standing between the two sticks to catch a ball coming at you 65-80 miles per hour requires a trained eye, fast reflexes, beautiful moves and some good keeper gloves. As one of the most creative players on the team, keepers twist, jump, reach and produce massive crowd eruptions from those brilliant saves. There's no magic to keeping your fingers injury free, but there are soccer gloves, which are designed specifically to keep that worry away.


Sure, you can use basic training gloves or even none at all when practicing out in the field but it’s easier to keep hold on to a ball with keeper gloves on. Once you're in position to catch balls from players shooting with momentum, it becomes difficult and even painful to catch a fast shot. With grippy soccer gloves designed for goal keepers, the ball is much easier to catch, handle, and the impact is softened. The added grip encourages your creativity on the fly. You can punch the ball with precision rather than it ricocheting out of control if you have no gloves on.


Most keeper gloves have a rigid, plastic spine that some refer to as finger saves which run along the back of the fingers to prevent the keeper’s fingers from being hyperextended. This helps goalkeepers confidently handle those fast shots without worry of injury.

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