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<div><div><h4>ADIDAS SNOWBOARDING GEAR</h4><p>If you’re new to snowboarding then avoid beginner fails like wet socks and tops, or layering in fabrics that aren’t built for body heat in cold temperatures. Don’t just make do with what you have. Follow our tips and recommended tech features for gearing up head to toe so you stay warm and dry and focus on the fun of learning to carve down the mountainside.</p><p><strong>START WITH YOUR TOES</strong></p><p>Snowboarding socks are the last barrier to protect toes and feet from the wet cold. Wear lightweight high-quality, long performance socks designed to keep your feet comfy and dry.</p><p><strong>Type</strong> – above the boot</p><p><strong>Tech</strong> – look for odor control and a toe-cooling channel for ventilation.</p><p><em>Expert tip:</em> No thick wool socks, which cause the feet to perspire making the socks wet and uncomfortable.</p><p><strong>THESE BOOTS WERE MADE FOR SNOWBOARDING</strong></p><p>Performance features are critical in snowboard boots for all day riding. From a waterproof upper, molded EVA midsole, to extra strap features and a grippy rubber outsole, make sure your boot has everything you need to maintain comfort and a lockdown feel on the board.</p><p><strong>Type</strong> – tall, high-performance snowboarding boot</p><p><strong>Tech</strong> – waterproofed upper and foam liner that molds to your foot for personalized comfort</p><p><strong>UP TO THE LEGS</strong></p><p>Build a base layer before you reach for snowboarding pants with tights or thermals made of breathable knit fabrics to stay warm and dry on the chair lift to the longest run.</p><p><strong>Type</strong> – full leg, lightweight</p><p><strong>Tech</strong> – moisture-wicking climalite® fabric to stay dry all day</p><p><strong>SHELL PROTECTIVE PANTS</strong></p><p>Snowboarding performance pants are a must for boarders in need of waterproof protection, unconstructed stretch and breathability.</p><p><strong>Type</strong> – over the boot, multiple pockets or cargo style</p><p><strong>Tech</strong> – waterproof rating of 10,000 mm, stretch fabrics for mobility and mesh panels for ventilation</p><p><strong>BASE CREW</strong></p><p>The outside temperature is going to largely dictate what kind of upper body base layer you should go with. Be in tune with your body’s normal temperature. If you tend to run cold, then choose a heavier insulated snowboarding base.</p><p><strong>Type</strong> – long sleeve</p><p><strong>Tech</strong> – climacool® fabric for body heat regulating</p><p><em>Expert tip:</em> If the temperature is above 40° degrees and clear skies then a base layer coupled with a flannel or lightweight hoodie may be all you need.</p><p><strong>SNOWBOARDING JACKET</strong></p><p>A comfortable, waterproof snowboarding jacket with enough room to fit over your base is the basic requirement for a day on the mountain.</p><p><strong>Type</strong> – full coverage, adjustable hood, extra pockets to store your stuff</p><p><strong>Tech</strong> – waterproof rating of 10,000 mm, zip-open mesh underarm vents for breathability</p></div></div>