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Sleek Sneakers & Clothing

The simple, clean style of adidas Sleek shoes rounds out any look—casual, sporty, or dressed up. With a foot-hugging leather upper, these Sleek sneakers offer classic comfort.

adidas Sleek Gear

adidas Sleek gear is designed to not only look sharp and stylish, but to also protect your body from the elements and last over years of wear and tear. And sleek caps are the perfect way to top off a simple, streamlined athletic wardrobe, particularly during the summer. These adidas caps are lightweight enough to wear comfortably in the heat but durable enough to be thrown into a gym bag or suitcase and taken on any summer adventure.

Summer weather is perfect for exercising outdoors, teeing off or just soaking up mood-boosting rays after a long, dreary winter. But, unfortunately, the bright summer sun can interfere with your vision and, after prolonged exposure, damage your eyes and skin, as well. Exposure to UV rays can cause cataracts and macular degeneration in your eyes and can lead to premature wrinkling, as well as skin cancer. Aside from wearing sunglasses and sunscreen, perhaps the next best thing you can do to protect your eyes and skin is to wear a good summer hat. And a good summer headpiece needn't be a big, flashy straw hat. There's plenty of understated adidas Sleek gear to choose from for summer if your style is a bit more pared-down. Our collection of adidas Sleek caps includes relaxed strap-back hats, which are a classic solution for keeping the sun out of your eyes while jogging, concentrating on the putting green or simply running errands downtown on a hot day. Or if you need to keep the sun out of your eyes, but you prefer not to wear a traditional cap that fully covers your head, go for a crownless twill sports visor instead of a full-coverage baseball cap. Sports visors are a favorite of style-conscious golfers and tennis players, as they protect your all-important vision without messing up your hair. Plus, adidas visors have cotton sweatbands that keep your head dry and comfy on hot days, while also preventing perspiration from dripping into your eyes. Just note that, being crownless, they might be a risky summer headwear choice for those with thin hair, as direct sun exposure at the top of the head can lead to sunburns. Whichever hat variation you choose, they both have pre-curved brims, which give more coverage over the corners of your eyes. And all of our hats are made from long-lasting materials and are designed for both style and comfort.

Both adidas Sleek baseball hats and visors have a casual-cool vibe, and feature a simple, embroidered Trefoil adidas logo above their brims. They're made from 100% cotton (ideal for hot weather), with an adjustable back strap so that you can fit the hat perfectly to your head shape, preventing scenarios in which the hat is irritably loose on the head or so tight that you'll eventually get a headache. Some have a crushable design, so they can be packed with the rest of your clothes and equipment without taking up precious space. Like most of our sleek gear, the hats are typically available in neutral colors. For a clean, smooth look from head to toe, wear our black and white hats with other black and white athletic gear, like a classic windbreaker, track pants and kicks. Or if you prefer something more colorful, go for a summer-ready pink.

Whether you gravitate toward a tried-and-tested classic and throw on one of our adidas Sleek baseball hats or you prefer a different adidas headpiece, you'll likely forget you're wearing it after a few minutes. That's one of the advantages of quality headwear. When it's made well, with good fabrics and thoughtful construction, it feels like you're not wearing anything at all. Step up your outdoor look, today, by shopping adidas Sleek gear.