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SL Running Shoes


adidas SL Running Shoes

When you're committed to getting faster, the SL running shoes from adidas don't hold you back — they help you turn up the tempo. You can consider them an important part of your training routine, with a lightweight-yet-supportive feel that translates into powerful speed on the streets or the track. Wherever you are in your journey, whether you're pushing for a 5K or fast marathon, Lightstrike cushioning is what you want under your feet as you charge swiftly toward your goals. It's light enough for a quick turnover and responsive enough for long-lasting comfort. Paired with a grippy rubber outsole, you get a snappy ride that feels secure even on slippery surfaces.

Of course, the lightweight build of the SL running shoes wouldn't be complete without an airy upper. That's why you'll find mesh and textile uppers that are zoned for flex and support without adding unnecessary ounces. They turn breathability up to the max, so your feet feel a cool breeze while you push past the competition. On the way to fast, you can train with the legendary running club Tinman Elite. In collaboration with the running team, our Tinman Elite running shoes offer inspiration to achieve your full potential. From fartleks to tempo runs to lightweight shoes, there are a lot of tactics for pushing your pace. Browse our SL running shoes to claim your ultralight advantage.