Winter Running Shoes


Nothing gets between you and your miles, especially not the weather thanks to adidas winter running shoes. Weather-resistant uppers and reliable traction help you run through wet and dry conditions.

Winter running shoes to brave the elements

Serious runners don’t let the weather stop them from taking their business outside, and your winter running shoes should be an ally when a goal is set. adidas running shoes take into consideration that winter brings with it some tricky conditions and use smart technology to beat water, snow and rocky terrain, as well as standard roads or treadmills. Choose from lightweight, waterproof shoes that utilise GORE-TEX® linings and Continental™ rubber outsoles for a breathable, dry performance. Winter running shoes also offer an EVA midsole for responsive cushioning and maximum energy return for your output. Traxion outsoles grip rocks and rough terrain for trail runners, leaving you feeling confident when braving the great outdoors on your run.

Put your best foot forward with adidas running shoes for winter

When pushing for your personal best, a lightweight running shoe with responsive cushioning will provide comfort and energy to go that extra mile. Regardless of the weather, you can stay dry with waterproof technology, which will keep feet healthy and free from the discomfort of a soaked sneaker – especially uncomfortable on a long-distance haul. With on-trend styles and colors available, you can pick a pair to game your mood and your race’s requirements, staying on par with your determination and grit.

Set the bar high with adidas winter running shoes

Your winter running clothing will be complete with a pair of weather-appropriate running shoes. So make sure you’re fully equipped to never miss a race in winter by adding some handy items to your outfit. adidas Alphaskin locked-in support leggings or a base-layer Alphaskin running top will keep you going the distance with no muscle vibration and keep you dry while doing so. Choose a lightweight shell of a running jacket to not weigh you down on trail races and you will be ready to give it your all, no matter what the terrain or weather dictates. On the treadmill, choose from a wide array of t-shirts or tank tops to complete your adidas running look in style. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Winter Running Shoes

What running shoes are best for winter?

The best winter running shoes are designed to be weather-resistant or waterproof and have additional insulation to keep the foot warm. They also provide additional traction for slippery surfaces and have extra reflective materials for low-light conditions. You should choose a pair that firmly supports your ankles. Winter running shoes should fit snuggly to ensure maximum traction. Read more about what to wear for cold weather running on the adidas blog.

Are trail running shoes good for snow?

Trail running shoes are great for winter running in the snow as they offer increased levels of traction, insulation, protection and durability. They are designed to be used in more extreme terrains.

How do I keep my feet warm while running?

The best way to keep your feet warm while winter running is to buy shoes with the least amount of mesh and the most added insulation and weather-resistant materials. Socks that wick away moisture but still keep your feet warm are highly recommended and you should avoid elements like snow, ice, slush and water as much as possible.