Running Headphones

Choose your soundtrack and let it charge up your stride. Sweat-proof and splash-proof wireless adidas running headphones help you get in the zone while you run.

adidas Running Headphones

Get your workout playlist ready now. Music is a must for many athletes, and adidas running headphones bring instant motivation to push through the miles. From long-distance runs on alpine trails to short daily jogs around the city, they offer immersive sound to help you bring your best to every training session. Our running headphones are built to move, with ergonomic designs that give you an easy fit for anything from road runs to track workouts. We have adidas earbuds that are true wireless headphones, meaning they're absolutely cord-free. The cord-free running headphones come with a selection of extra tips and wings, so you can find a personalized fit that feels secure on the move. Made for runners who train through every season, you can find running headphones with intuitive controls that respond to sweaty fingertips and gloved hands.

Customize how you interact with the buds through the adidas Headphones app, that way you don't waste any precious time scrolling through your phone while you're chasing your next personal best. If you prefer an open-ear design, opt for wireless running headphone that don't totally cover your ear, which some people prefer. Sweat-proof and splash-proof, these Bluetooth® running headphones keep up with anything from wet-weather jogs to intense workouts. Choose a pair with ANC, or active noise canceling, if you're looking for total focus. Active noise canceling is ideal for indoor workouts, when you want to completely tune out distractions. You can always switch the buds to Awareness Mode for outdoor miles, when you want to stay in tune with your surroundings. And if you're not ready to go wire-free, our in-ear headphones come with a lightweight, tangle-free cord. Whatever you're looking for, our selection or adidas running headphones is sure to bring focus and motivation to the miles.