Red · Swim Trunks


Red swimming trunks

Whether you are a competitive swimmer or a regular simmer who simply loves practicing his strokes, adidas has premium swimwear to help you perform at your best or just enjoy every swim. Our red swimming trunks, for example, feature Infinitex Fitness Eco fabric that is ideal for pools thanks to the chlorine-resistant finish. What this means is that you could wear these in the pool as you master each stroke during every practice swim. This soft and stretchy material can help ensure great comfort and freedom of movement, which helps boys and men alike swim with greater ease and helps them enjoy their time at the pool or perform better in competitions. Also, our red swimming trunks have a drawstring neatly tucked inside the waist that allows quick size adjustment. This will guarantee a snug fit, so the red swimming trunks won’t get removed accidentally as you glide through the water.

Built like a stunner

We carefully designed and constructed these red swimming trunks to ensure that they are not only durable and functional but pleasing to the eyes as well. We strived to achieve this specific effect by crafting these trunks in a vibrant scarlet color. This makes the trunks visually appealing from afar, and even more so when seen up close and personal. More than the stunning color, these red swimming trunks also stand out in terms of their design. With the white Badge of Sport logo prominently displayed over the red backdrop, the color combination easily pops for a truly impressive appearance. If you are someone who loves seeing red or are not afraid of wearing something that draws attention, then these trunks are perfect for you. They come in five different sizes for boys and young men aged 7 to 16, so there’s surely a perfect red swimming trunk for everyone.