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Red High Tops


adidas Red High Tops

High tops and the color red. A winning combination. In a pair of red high tops from adidas, you get that classic street cred of the high top with the powerful, in-your-face vibes of red. On the hardwood or at the coffee shop, red high top shoes bring flair to any outfit, whether lace them to the top or leave the laces flying. In modern athletic performance shoes, high tops still do what they were intended for on the basketball court — protect players' ankles, provide extra support, and cushion lower legs — but they also now feature leather, GORE-TEX, mesh or synthetic uppers and collars for durability and reinforcement. That means they're great options for activities like hiking and skateboarding, as well as basketball. And when it's a pair of red high top sneakers we're talking about, that just makes them even more enticing.

adidas high tops built for everyday wear are comfortable and supportive, but they're also still all about that iconic B-ball-inspired style. In the adidas Originals collection, you'll find revamped sports models of the past — some one-for-ones direct from the archives, others that celebrate heritage inspiration with modern styling, materials and colorways. The Forum and Top Ten are just two of our signature shoes available in red, whether it be a show-stopping patent upper in bright red with white serrated 3-Stripes or a leather upper with red, black and white colorblocking. And don't forget the power of the monochromatic. A pair of all-red high tops is definitely going to stand out and get you noticed. When you combine your favorite color, a signature sport silhouette and the iconic sport style of adidas, you get a pair of red high tops you'll want to wear every day.