Pureboost Go

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Designed to take on city streets, Pureboost Go gives runners the support they need to adapt to anything the city brings. Inspired by the thrill of exploring a city on foot, Pureboost Go running shoes are designed with a versatile look and high-performance details. Featuring an expanded landing zone—a wider forefoot platform built for quick changes in direction—Pureboost Go gives street runners the control they need to change direction with ease and speed. Both Pureboost Go women's running shoes and Pureboost Go men's running shoes are designed with the runner in mind, with comfort, control and style in perfect balance. It features a deconstructed circular knit upper crafted from breathable fabric to improve flexibility and provide freedom of movement with each step.


adidas Pureboost shoes have exactly what’s needed for running and nothing else. Featuring a super responsive Boost midsole, Pureboost running shoes power each step with major energy return. Made with lightweight materials for strength without the weight, Pureboost keeps the foot secure. As with the Pureboost Go, adidas Pureboost shoes feature a flexible outsole to help deliver the smoothest run. With a sock-like fit and responsive cushioning, Pureboost provides the optimal amount of movement for both freedom and support.


The quest to create the perfect midsole took decades of research and development, eventually resulting in the ultimate performance-enhancing sneaker technology. In 2013, the industry-altering Boost was launched after countless trials and hundreds of iterations, changing performance sneaker standards forever. True to its name, Boost delivers immediate energy return, propelling runners forward while providing peak comfort.