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Pureboost DPR

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<div><div><h4>PUREBOOST DPR</h4><p>Designed to take on the city streets, the Pureboost DPR puts runners closer to the pavement. With stripped-down cushioning, a lower midsole drop and a wide platform, the minimalist Pureboost DPR keeps you light on your feet and close to the street. The Pureboost DPR features a grid-like outsole that flexes to meet uneven pavement without stopping your stride.</p><p><strong>PUREBOOST RUNNING SHOES</strong></p><p>Pureboost running shoes have exactly what you need for your run. Featuring a super responsive Boost midsole, Pureboost powers each step with major energy return. The lightweight material offers strength without the weight, while the flexible outsole helps delivers your smoothest run. With a sock-like fit and responsive cushioning, the Pureboost running shoes allow the optimal amount of movement for both freedom and support.</p></div></div>