Pink · NMD · Shoes

Grab the spotlight and don’t let go with the vibrant look of pink NMD shoes. Responsive adidas Boost cushioning returns energy to your stride. The stronger your strut, the more you get back.

adidas NMD Pink

There's no mistaking the adidas NMD, with its iconic bumper details. And the adidas NMD pink sneakers, in shades both subtle and eyeball-scorching, will stand out among classic black and white. After debuting in 2015, NMD sneakers could be found on social feeds and famous feet everywhere. Balancing street style with the latest sports performance tech, these adidas NMD pink kicks will appeal to athletes and influencers alike. The soft, stretchy upper wraps the foot snugly in place, while adidas Boost midsole cushioning feels super soft and comfortable underfoot. It adds up to a versatile pair of adidas NMD pink sneakers that will get you noticed everywhere you go, from the fitness studio to the farmers' market, from your local brunch spot to the beach. NMD stands for nomad, and because these kicks work just as well for walking around as working out, they're great for traveling light. Turn some heads in the airport lounge with your adidas NMD pink sneaks, then wear them all vacay long. You might just start a trend on the other side of the globe.

From striking color combinations to the most hype-worthy celebrity collaborations, the tough part is deciding on just one pair. Plus runners as sought-after as adidas pink NMD shoes look set to become a collector's item. Keep them in their box or wear them from morning to evening. Clash them with neon socks or make these sneakers the centerpiece of your all-black workout look. Your adidas NMD pink sneakers — your call. Just don't wait around to add them to your cart.