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Support your favorite hockey team with official Philadelphia Flyers gear from adidas. From authentic and retro-inspired jerseys to T-shirts, jackets and sweatshirts, adidas has the apparel you need to show your team spirit in any situation. Whether you're heading to the game or hanging out with friends, adidas has a range of options to fit any fan's wardrobe. Grab a T-shirt in classic team colors that shows off team logos and graphics. Express yourself with bold colorways in orange, black and white, or keep it classic with traditional styles in royal blue and gray. adidas has Philadelphia Flyers gear that is perfect for every kind of fan — from die-hard supporters to casual admirers — so you can find something to show your team spirit no matter what. Retro-inspired jerseys and jackets celebrate the classic moments in the history of one of the NHL's most beloved franchises. Get ready for the puck to drop, and come by adidas for all your Philadelphia Flyers gear.

Get ready for game day with official Philadelphia Flyers gear from adidas. Shop the extensive selection of apparel and accessories at adidas, including jerseys, hats and T-shirts in Philadelphia Flyers colors and featuring team logos and graphics. Whether you're watching from rinkside or from the couch, make sure you show your team pride with official Philadelphia Flyers clothing. Grab a hooded sweatshirt or a crewneck pullover with a Flyers logo on the chest to show everybody who your squad is. Or hit the gym in a Philadelphia Flyers T-shirt that's made of soft fabric and designed to keep you feeling comfortable. For the die-hard fans, authentic Philadelphia Flyers jerseys have all the same features as the ones worn on the ice by the pros. A retro-inspired jersey lets you show off the history of your favorite squad. Come by adidas, and find all the perfect Philadelphia Flyers gear today.

Shop official Philadelphia Flyers gear from adidas. The jerseys, T-shirts and sweatshirts in our selection are sure to make any fan of the Philadelphia Flyers stand out in the crowd. Classic Philadelphia Flyers logos and colors are the best way to show your team pride on game day. A retro-inspired jersey or jacket lets you show off the history of your team, while an authentic jersey has all the features of the ones the pros wear so you can feel like you're ready to step out on the ice. Or if you want to keep it simple and just show your team spirit when you're out running errands, pull on a T-shirt with a Flyers logo on the chest or a warm and cozy sweatshirt with a bold graphic. Whether they're rooting from the couch or in the arena, every fan needs to show out for their team. Swing by adidas and grab some Philadelphia Flyers gear so you can get after it.

Show your support for the Philadelphia Flyers with gear from adidas. Whether you're playing or watching, find the perfect look to show off your Flyers spirit. Choose from a range of Philadelphia Flyers apparel, including jackets and jerseys, T-shirts and sweatshirts. Gear up in classic colors like orange and white while representing your favorite team everywhere you go. If you want to really flex your fan muscles, an authentic Philadelphia Flyers jersey will have you looking and feeling just like the pros. And when you're ready to keep it simple, pull on a hooded sweatshirt with a bold Flyers logo on the chest. When the cold season starts, you need to be ready. A retro-inspired Philadelphia Flyers jacket is just the thing to help you rep your team when the temperature dips. It doesn't matter if the puck just dropped to start the season or if you're cheering your team on to the finals — come to adidas to get outfitted in all your Philadelphia Flyers gear.