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Performance sports shirts designed to help you achieve more

Here at adidas, we know that what you are wearing makes a massive difference when working out or enjoying any type of sport. Not only can stylish sportswear make you look good and feel great about yourself, but the use of certain materials and technology enables you to perform to the best of your ability. Plus, certain clothing is better suited to certain sports, giving you the flexibility you need to work out effectively. This range is perfect for anyone seeking yoga or cycling clothing. These compression sports tops give you stay-put coverage and a supportive feel while on the move. They are made using a sweat-wicking, breathable, and stretchy fabric, which will keep you dry and cool without negatively impacting your range of motion.

Performance tops for all sports and occasions

Our performance sports shirts have been designed to help in all situations. Not only will your performance be enhanced, but our sports tops have all been designed with style in mind. From vibrant T-shirts to classic designs; you will have no trouble finding something that is right for your taste and personality. We also have a great collection of performance sports tops that have been designed with children in mind. Plus, our statement T-shirts are very popular with women.

When shopping our range of performance sports shirts, we definitely recommend layering up. Our compression tops can make great base layers. It is also a good idea to look for tops based on the sport that you enjoy. You will often find that our tops are tagged with a certain sport so it makes it easy for you to find something suitable. For example, our 3-Stripes tops are ideal for running, whereas our Tiro range is perfect for soccer.