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Paul Pogba: A once in a generation player. Tap your inner superstar in adidas Pogba gear, inspired by the French midfielder’s epic ball handling and control of the game. Battle it out on the turf in Paul Pogba-inspired hoodies, jackets, pants and cleats. including Manchester United hoodies repping his name, and Predator cleats tuned to his exact specs. Inspired by his strong sense of style both on and off the pitch, adidas Pogba gear is for the soccer creator who loves to compete, and has fun while doing it.


The adidas-Pogba connection is a story of fierce focus and raw talent. When young Paul Pogba was creating his signature style in the pitches and playgrounds of Paris, he did so in a pair of Predators. Now those cleats sport his initials and fully booked stadiums cheer his name. In 2016, adidas signed the then-Juventus player, starting a partnership that has resulted in a full line of Pogba gear, all inspired by the midfielder’s master control and his willingness to do things differently.