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Orange adidas NMD Shoes

Why settle for subdued hues when you can rock the hi-viz style of orange NMD shoes? With a sleek build, responsive cushioning and a can't-miss-it look.

adidas Orange NMD Shoes

Sometimes, bolder is better. Embrace bright color and big adventures with a pair of orange NMD shoes from adidas. Packed with comfort and designed for daily style, these lifestyle shoes are all about taking on the day. Whether you're commuting to work or enjoying spur-of-the-moment adventures with friends, you'll feel ready to get after it with a pair of NMDs on your feet. The NMD design was made for movement, blending '80s running design with modern-day running techs. Because city life can feel non-stop and fast-paced, they have a full-length adidas Boost midsole that returns energy to keep you moving forward. A soft and stretchy knit upper hugs your feet with a supportive feel, no matter how many steps there are in your day.

With orange NMD shoes, style isn't sacrificed for comfort. It's enhanced by it. A knit upper has a sleek look that slots into all your style plans. In this collection, the upper is made even more eye-catching with vivid hues ranging from fiery orange to un-missable neon. Signature midsole plugs make the NMD DNA clear, and pay tribute to the '80s running shoes their design is based on. Fuel your day with comfort. Supercharge your style with vivid color. Shop orange NMD shoes to take you where you want to go.