NMD 360 Shoes

For fun days full of big adventures, NMD 360 shoes give kids 360 degrees of comfort. Crafted with a soft feel and a flexible, slip-on design.

adidas NMD 360 Shoes

Why should grown-ups get all the cool kicks? With this selection of NMD 360 shoes from adidas, you can share some of the comfort and style of NMDs with the younger members of your crew. Built for the next generation of athletes and artists, these slip-on NMD 360 sneakers are an easy way to head out the door and on to the adventure of the day. Aside from the stretchy one-piece design, NMD 360 footwear has all the style points and comfort as the grown-up design. From the sock-like silhouette of the upper to the signature plugs on the midsole, the look undoubtedly NMD. But with a slip-on upper, we've made the NMD 360 shoes easily accessible to kids of any age.

Once your kids slip on NMD 360 sneakers, they're ready to move. Whether they're heading to school or spending the weekend going on a short hike with the family, they'll be sure to stay comfortable on their feet. NMD 360 shoes come with soft cushioning and plenty of stretch in the upper, so running and jumping is a breeze. And the best part? They're super easy to put on. That means kids lose no precious moments of playtime, whether that's running around the playground or jumping into a game of pick-up basketball in the backyard. With NMD 360 footwear, comfort and style go hand in hand. These sneakers have the same aesthetic of the adidas NMD, but the 360s have a slip-on design. Browse this selection of slip-on sneakers for a pair of NMD 360 shoes that kids will love.