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NMD Shoes

The sneakers you grab to go places, adidas NMD shoes are packed with comfort and steeped in sport-inspired style. Born from the track and designed for the city landscape, they blend '80s running style and the best of today's running technology. Stretchy knit uppers ride on energizing adidas Boost midsoles. Signature midsole plugs keep the fast-paced style rooted in decades past. If you love to explore and you seek adventure around every corner, choose your favorite NMD color and vibe, and get going.

adidas NMD Shoes

When you lace up a pair of adidas NMD shoes, everybody knows it. adidas NMD sneakers ride an adidas Boost midsole for the highest level of comfort whether you're strolling the streets with your friends or out running your weekend errands. With a variety of colorways and classic midsole plugs, there's a pair of adidas NMD sneakers to match everything you've got in the closet. And there are multiple types of adidas NMD sneakers to choose from. Pick up a pair of NMD_S1 sneakers with a sock-like fit and a rugged rubber outsole for a look that's as unique as it is comfortable.

Or grab a pair of adidas NMD_R1 shoes that are the classic running shoes reimagined into a streetwear staple. Finished with a linear Trefoil logo on the midsole plug, these shoes are the quintessential adidas NMD footwear. Since you've got a lot of sneaker heads in the family, adidas has NMD shoes to fit the whole crew. Toddlers' adidas NMD sneakers look just like the ones their mom wears with a lightweight and durable one-piece EVA outsole and a stretchy, laceless upper that makes them easy to slip on and off. No matter the occasion, adidas has a pair of NMD shoes for you. Swing by today, and check out the whole selection.

NMD Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

The way you lace your adidas NMD sneakers can change up their look. For a clean and classic style, thread the shoelaces through the eyelets from the outside to the inside. Start at the bottom and work up toward the tongue, keeping the laces smooth and aligned. Skip the top eyelets to show off the tongue. Or lace all the way up if you like a more snug fit.
adidas NMD sneakers are made in adult and youth sizes and run true to size. But different materials and designs can make the shoes feel tighter or roomier. The NMD typically has a stretchy upper that hugs the foot. For more help finding the right fit, review the adidas NMD size guide.
NMD sneakers borrow technical innovations like adidas Primeknit and Boost from performance running shoes, but they're not designed for running. NMD's design also references archival adidas '80s heritage through details like colorful midsole plugs and transparent heel clips. They're streetwear shoes good for casual everyday wear and walking on city streets.