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<div><div><h4>MEN’S TUBULAR SHOES</h4><p>A streetwear staple for the modern minimalist, adidas Tubular shoes deliver style-forward comfort with a fresh edge. With roots in 90s running shoe design, men’s Tubular sneakers nod to the past without compromising on comfort. Combining a cushioned EVA midsole, tire-inspired outsole and flexible upper, men’s Tubular shoes are the go-to for streamlined street style.</p><p><strong>ADIDAS ARCHIVE: TUBULAR SHOES</strong></p><p>Throughout its history, the men’s Tubular has stayed true to its fresh lines, signature outsole and deceptively simple look. Originally inspired by the Qasa, a Y-3 model design by Yojhi Yamamoto, the adidas Tubular is a study in simplicity, inspired by the designer’s avant-garde style and Japanese design aesthetics. The first Tubular was released in 1994 and featured inflatable chambers in the soles that could be adjusted to the wearer’s cushioning preference. Decades after its original release, men’s Tubular shoes have seen many iterations and continue to be a streetwear staple.</p></div></div>