Men's Workout Caps

See clearly whether you're running in the rain or returning a serve on a sunny day. Men's training caps from adidas keep you under shelter and on your game.

adidas Men's Training Caps

Hats are heroes. Who else works as hard to keep you safe from the sun, suit up in style or hide out on a bad hair day? Shades and man buns only do half the job. Men's training caps from adidas do it all. Anyone who's ever run in full sun or played through the back nine without protection will not only never do it again, they'll sing the praises of big-brimmed men's training caps without being asked. Choose a pre-curved style, one that's ready to work in or a big, fat, flat brim — when it comes to the sun, the bigger, the better. And if you train outdoors on a regular basis — even on cloudy days — choosing a style with UV protection on both the brim and cap is a no-brainer.

But whether you're under the sun or in an air-conditioned studio, if you're training with any intensity, sooner or later you're going to sweat. Men's workout hats with a mesh back will help you stay cool, but they won't stop big drops from rolling into your eyes or onto your mat at the most inopportune moments. To tackle sweat, you need men's athletic caps made with moisture-absorbing AEROREADY and a similarly equipped sweatband. And of course hats don't help with anything unless they stay on. Stretchy, one-size-fits-all caps are great for grab-and-go days, while snapbacks and strap-backs deliver the best fit. Try on men's training caps from adidas, and this year, make having the right headgear a top priority.