Men's AEROREADY Training Shorts

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adidas Men's Aeroready Training Shorts

If you're ready for anything, then you're ready for men's AEROREADY training shorts from adidas. These shorts are designed to keep you dry and comfortable, whether you're hitting the weights at the gym, playing a game of basketball or just taking a leisurely jog around the neighborhood. AEROREADY technology is designed to keep sweat away from your body and ensure maximum dryness and comfort. With additional elements like drawcords on the waistband and front pockets, you can wear men's AEROREADY training shorts all day long. Grab a couple pairs, and get outstanding comfort for whatever you get up to. Check out adidas today for men's AEROREADY training shorts.

Achieving peak performance is all about comfort. Men's AEROREADY training shorts from adidas are built to get you to the gym and beyond. Featuring AEROREADY technology that manages moisture and elevates dryness, these shorts are perfect for your next basketball game, weight session or just a trip to the grocery store. And because adidas has such a wide variety of men's AEROREADY training shorts, you can stock up and have enough pairs for every activity. So pull on your shorts, tighten down the waistband to exactly the fit you need, stash your keys and phone in the pockets and get out there. Come to adidas, and find all the men's AEROREADY training shorts you need.