Men's snowboard boots

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Men's snowboard boots

There's probably no more important part of your snowboarding wardrobe than a good pair of shoes. They need to protect your entire lower leg and foot, and support your ankles, which are particularly vulnerable points when you are snowboarding—the fulcrums of so much of your movement. Of course they also have to withstand the elements, keep you warm and dry, and ensure that the blood is circulating properly. They're a demanding piece of sporting equipment to make, and we pride ourselves on the high quality of the adidas range.

A great range of excellent snowboarding cleats

Our men's snowboard shoes come in a wide range of styles and colors, although they all adhere to established best practices when it comes to equipment for this demanding winter sport. They fit snugly without making your ankle feeling too tightly gripped, and their very comfortable, fleece lined inners give wonderful warmth, at the same time their tough outer materials prevent cold air, snow, and water from penetrating and spoiling your whole snowboarding day. Their textile uppers are flexible enough to support you when you're pulling off your best snowboarding moves.

Make your personal mark with effortless style

As much emphasis that we put on functionality with adidas men's snowboard boots, we also know that it's very important that they look cool. In every sport there are fetish equipment, so to speak: the baseballer's glove for example. In snowboarding, it's about the cleats, so we've made sure that ours are distinctive and extremely stylish. Of course you can have plenty of different combinations of our trademark adidas logos and 3-Stripes designs in a range of colors that will distinguish you from the crowd out on the snow. They'll make you feel so good that you'll swear your snowboarding is better too!