Skiing Pants for Men


Skiing Pants for men

When you need to keep yourself dry and warm in the winter outdoors, adidas ski Pants for men will perfectly round off your outfit, whether you're actually going skiing or not. The truth is that they're so comfy and useful in winter you'll want to wear them all the time when you're getting involved in any outdoor activity. Of course if you're serious about you're skiing, that's exactly what they're designed for, combining the durability and drag-resistance that you need to perform at your best on the slopes.

The perfect fit for downhill or cross-country skiing

Our skiing Pants for men will equip you equally for downhill skiing and for the cross-country version of the sport. For the former you'll find a range of snug fitting, 100% polyester leggings that provide excellent insulation from water and cold air, while being sleek and racy. They're exactly what you need on the slopes, whether you're just beginning to freestyle, or are an accomplished, regular skier. If you're more of the long-haul type of competitor, our rugged X-country men's ski Pants are just the ticket for you. They’re carefully crafted to be fitted without providing a tight fit, so that you can get the comfort you need when you're covering longer distances. They have ankle zips and elasticated waists so that you're protected from cold air entering via these openings, while making them easy to get on over other clothing. They're lightweight as well and won't absorb water, so they won't add extra effort when you're struggling a bit on a challenging uphill section.

Even more choices for skiers

Alternatively, have a look at the adidas ski tour Pants and multi-purpose Pants; both of these ranges make excellent choices when you're looking for men's skiing pants. The tour Pants are made from a breathable fabric that is stretch woven with special ventilation areas to help reduce sweating and keep you cool when you're really exerting yourself. The clever part is that this cooling doesn't lower your body temperature overall—our men's skiing Pants are designed to target the areas that typical heat up more than others while you're slashing through the snow or hiking for hours in the bright winter sun.