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Men's Running Clothes

When a workout is the best part of your day, suit up in men's running clothes from adidas. From jackets to tees, it's performance comfort that's on your side. Shop all running gear including running hoodies and shoes today.

adidas Men's Running Clothing

Your daily run is an opportunity to challenge yourself and discover what you can accomplish with discipline and determination. Find your pace in men's running clothing from adidas that keeps you going strong, no matter the distance or the conditions. Built to keep you comfortable and supported, our range of running tees, shorts and more provides all the performance features you need for both on and off the track. Whether you're an experienced runner or just starting out, adidas men's running apparel has something exemplary to fit any activity. Trail runners will enjoy protective long sleeves and pants made of thick and durable materials. City runners will benefit from jackets and leggings that have reflective material integrated so that, even in black, they shine in low light. Rain or shine, the right running gear is essential to beating your personal best times. Before the race, during the race and afterward when you need to cool down, you'll want to be geared up with the best in fit, design and performance so that nothing will slow you down.

Get ready to hit the track and break your personal best in men's running clothing from adidas. Shirts made with moisture-wicking fabric and ventilation keep you dry and cool when the competition heats up on race day. Lightweight track shorts are flexible and so weightless that you won't even notice they're there. Grab a pair of training shorts for the track that come with zippered pockets so you can at least store your keys while you practice. They come in all different lengths and styles, like split sides for a longer stride, so it's easy to find one that fits for the win. Running shorts and singlets made with lightweight, moisture-managing AEROREADY and mesh panels for ventilation keep you dry and running strong in the warmer months. But before you jump right into the race, warming up is as important as the right gear. Track suits offer breathable comfort and help keep you warm, so you can keep your muscles agile. All your favorite running clothes are made from light and durable fabric so that nothing will weigh you down.

Running in the rain and cold weather can be a joy out on the track alone when you have the right gear. Warm up, stretch and stay covered before the race in lightweight jackets and hoodies that offer the freedom of movement you need. Don't get caught in the rain unprepared, and avoid returning home in wet and soggy clothes. You can keep your stride at pace and on track even when the wind blows and the drops start trickling down in men's jogging apparel with waterproof technologies like RAIN.RDY. Keep warm while the cold elements swirl around you when you cover up in men's jogging clothes with integrated COLD.RDY technology. Throw on one of our insulated running jackets when the temperature drops so you never have to stop no matter the weather. For those who train in colder climates, it is vital to wear running baselayer clothing. Running tights and long sleeve performance shirts are great for offering coverage from the cold while regulating your body temperature so it won't drop. For additional warmth, throw on a vest for even more core temperature protection.

When you are ready to transition from your workouts to your chill-outs, feel the freedom of comfort while relaxing in the flexible fit of this collection of men's running clothing. Running gear is made to enhance your performance out on the track and running the trails, but it is also meant to feel good and look even better. This versatile aspect makes men's sprinting apparel perfect for lounging around on an off day or to watch the big race with some friends. Long sleeve T-shirts made with seamless, stretchy adidas PRIMEKNIT give you a comfortable midlayer for cool-weather training to cool off days. Mix and match tees, pants and windbreakers to create a full outfit of men's running clothing that will keep you prepared for any race or weather.

Men's Running Clothes Frequently Asked Questions

Wearing the right running clothes for the weather helps keep you motivated to get out there. Men’s running clothing should be lightweight, comfortable and not too baggy to ensure a distraction-free workout. Choose a T-shirt or tank top with a windbreaker, rain jacket or fleece top if the weather calls for it. Running pants, shorts and leggings made with synthetic fabrics are also popular clothes for runners.
When you first start running, wear a T-shirt or tank top, pants, tights or shorts that aren’t too baggy, plus well-fitting shoes that are designed to run in. Comfortable, sweat-wicking running clothes for men will help you stick with it. Extra layers, like a rain jacket or insulating vest, are a plus in variable weather. Look for clothes made with synthetic fabrics that are easy to toss in the wash.
Lightweight clothes made with moisture-absorbing synthetic fabric are great for jogging. Some running clothes for men are made with flat seams to help prevent chafing. Some have zip-close pockets for carrying keys and cards. In cool weather, wear layers that you can take off and carry as you warm up. Jogging clothes with reflectivity built in are a good idea if you run in low light.