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Men's Hockey Jerseys

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Men's Hockey

adidas Men's Nhl Jerseys

Show your passion for the game with men's NHL jerseys from adidas. Whether you're getting ready to root with thousands of others at the arena or cheering from the comfort of home, our men's NHL tops can help you feel connected to the team you love and the players you idolize. Our men's NHL jerseys are made with breathable polyester fabric to keep you comfortable on warm days outside and cold nights near the rink. Jerseys with AEROREADY technology help keep you dry, whether your team is clinging to a one-goal lead with only seconds left or you're kicking it with friends on a summer day. You can match one of our men's home NHL jerseys with a pair of jeans or sweat pants for a laid-back look. They come in a wide range of colors and designs — so you can find something that's as unique as your love for the game.

There's a design to show off your team spirit and keep it alive throughout the season, whether it's a home game or an away game. If you're looking for a bulletproof way to represent your team, we have limited-edition men's NHL jerseys to celebrate those key milestones and momentous events on the ice. So go ahead and show off your support for your favorite team or city. Throw on a Boston Bruins jersey or rep the Chicago Blackhawks on their quest for another Stanley Cup. Whether you're looking for something bold and eye-catching or a more classic look to stay true to your team allegiance, you can find exactly what you need right here at adidas. Our men's NHL tops come in numerous styles and designs, from traditional-cut jerseys that are lightweight and breathable to short sleeve options for a sleek look.

Men's home NHL jerseys labeled "Authentic" are exactly what the players wear on the field. They have mesh inserts to enhance breathability and a loose fit for roomy movement, whether you're breezing past players on the ice or lounging around at home. Check out our long sleeve jerseys — the vast majority have one predominant color and an accent color for contrast. The logos are displayed big and bold, so anyone who sees your jersey knows who you support. You can wear one of our men's away NHL jerseys with another shirt underneath or over a hoodie for those chilly days of the year. Men's NHL jerseys are made with stretchy materials, so you can move freely on and off the ice. Wear one to a barbecue, to a game of poker or to support your team during those crucial postseason games where it's all on the line.

Our alternate men's NHL jerseys show a different side to the usual uniforms. Retro jerseys pay homage to previous logos and historical milestones, so you can show everyone you're as real a fan as it gets. Let everyone know you're true royalty with an LA Kings jersey, and watch everyone look at the bold crown graphic on your chest. Honor the New York Rangers' history with a Statue of Liberty graphic that reimagines the 1996 design and brings it back to life with the materials of today. Whether you want to go old school or the more contemporary route, hockey jerseys for men make a statement due to their oversized look and bold colors. They're easy to wear and even easier to style with your everyday clothes, so you don't have to worry about mixing or matching. Just put one on and show the world you're a loyal fan. So what are you waiting for? Check out all the different men's NHL jerseys, browse all the colors, editions and designs, and rep your team proudly this season.