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No questioning your ethic—you’re here to put in work. When you’re throwing on practice pads or hitting the weight room with the offensive line, you need gear that can keep up with your level of intensity. Our men’s football shorts feature flexible fabric that won’t throw off your 3-point stance or slow you down during drills. Sweat-wicking construction keeps you cool, reduces friction and dries quickly to get you through summer two-a-days. Layer up and protect your muscles with compression football shorts from adidas. Alphaskin tights keep you locked in on the field with Climacool fabric and UV protection so you can stay on 10 from the first whistle to the last.


In the game of football, no great plays occur in isolation. Touchdowns don’t happen without perfectly timed blocks. Deep balls don’t connect unless wide receivers run the right routes. As on the field, so in the world of performance gear. In 1967 adidas branched beyond shoes and into sports apparel, creating the Franz Beckenbauer tracksuit. Founder Adi Dassler understood that collaboration is essential to success, leading him to meet with world-class athletes to learn exactly what would take their game to the next level. We’ve never lost that outlook, working in tandem with players on both sides of the ball—from linebackers rushing the pass to running backs fighting for extra yards—to create football essentials specifically tailored to meet your needs each time you suit up and go off.