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Men's Down Outdoor Gear

When the temperatures drop, bundle up for adventure with men’s down outdoor gear. Lightweight and lofty, each piece helps seal in the heat.

adidas Men's Down Outdoor Gear

Cold-weather treks can be challenging, but the rewards are epic. Seek out snow-dusted streets and chilly mountain summits with the support and warmth of men’s down outdoor gear. These warm and lofty layers, from down vests to parkas, are made to trap heat close to your body and keep you moving through cold air. But the real magic of down material is its warmth-to-weight ratio. Down jackets are warmer than the other jackets in your closet, and they’re lighter too. That means you can easily throw them in your backpack on summer hikes or winter ones without getting bogged down by extra bulk and weight. And when unexpected clouds roll in, you’ll be grateful to have that puffy to stave off the chills. Or is today’s adventure just outside your front door? Down outdoor gear offers city-ready style too with 3-Stripes and adidas logos to keep things authentic. Browse our selection of men's down outdoor jackets, and you’ll be set for the cold.