Men's Cycling Jackets


Cycling & biking jackets for men with style and performance

Take a ride in your favorite adidas style with our selection of cycling & biking jackets for men. Combining breathability and luxury, adidas provides biking and cycling coats that are designed to let you move with comfort and confidence both on and off the saddle. Made to complement athletic body movements, our men's cycling jackets are geared to give you a close fit that helps keep you active. Designs with warm, soft and lightweight synthetic fabrics provide insulation with superior water resistance and help cut the chill on cold days towards the summit. Whether you're hitting the trail or the open road, our selection of cycling & biking jackets for men help you remain warm wherever you ride.

Cycling jackets for men who tour in all conditions

It's important to have the right biking jacket to suit the journey. No matter whether you're traveling to work or ploughing up a coastal road, adidas has a selection of men's biking coats that give you the freedom to embrace the outdoors. Designs come with durable and water-repellent coated panels for added protection from rain and snow, and lightweight insulated fabrics that trap your body heat to ensure a dry and comfortable ride. Moisture-wicking fabrics provide superior water-resistance as they sweep sweat away from your skin, letting you concentrate on the journey ahead.

Bike jackets for men designed to keep you outdoors for longer

adidas knows how attractive the great outdoors can be for athletes all around the world. But to remain outside for longer, you need biking clothes with the convenience, performance and durability to withstand all weather conditions. Cycling & biking jackets for men including handy full-zip, fleece-lined collars for added warmth and wind protection, and bike coats with reflective logos and sleek designs to help you stand out in a crowd and on the road. No matter where you go, the adidas range of men's cycling jackets is there to support your every ride.