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Outperform without overheating. It's easy with men's Climacool shorts. Designed for the warm weather athlete, these shorts make use of vents in the quick-dry fabric. Together, they work in tandem to wick away moisture as soon as it appears. The result is a dry, cool, comfortable you—ready to challenge the limit on the court, track, or field.


Originally designed with tennis players in mind, adidas Climacool sought to provide athletes with enhanced breathability, keeping them dry during matches on hot courts around the world. adidas used 3D imaging and thermal mapping to determine where players sweat most. Mesh-panel inserts wick away sweat in those crucial areas, keeping players’ body temperatures down and their focus on the game. The popularity of the cooling technology has expanded throughout the adidas lineup. Climacool is used across a spectrum of adidas performance apparel and footwear to help keep athletes cool from head to toe no matter what’s thrown at them.