Maternity Tights & Leggings


Stay comfortable throughout your pregnancy when you're wearing maternity tights and leggings from adidas. Train or take it easy with pieces made to move.

adidas Maternity Leggings & Tights

We know that it’s important to have the perfect pair of maternity leggings to help you stay active while you’re doing one of the most important jobs in the world. That’s why we’ve designed our workout tights for pregnant and postpartum women with your ultimate comfort in mind. From sustainable cotton maternity leggings to our signature Primegreen high-performance recycled materials, we have you covered when it comes to lightweight support and flexibility. AEROREADY offers moisture-wicking technology that keeps sweat from getting in the way. It doesn’t matter whether you slide the soft elastic waistband over your bump or fold it down to stay cool, you can be confident that you’ll stay comfortable and dry.

Stretch, bend, walk or run with your little one right there with you. With maternity active leggings, you won’t skip a beat or miss out on any of the activities you used to love. You can keep up with your friends, stick to your practice and never have an excuse for missing an opportunity to self-care with exercise. For the perfect fit, choose your pre-pregnancy size and allow the fabric to comfortably grow, stretch and shrink with you. Check out our guide on maternity workout clothes for more tips on finding the right activewear for your pregnancy.

Keeping the perfect pair of maternity workout leggings around for a lazy weekend will be your best decision yet. Shop adidas for cozy maternity leggings you can move and relax in.

Maternity Tights & Leggings Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can absolutely wear regular leggings while pregnant. Look for leggings made with breathable cotton blends, as pregnant moms tend to sweat a bit more. Once you hit the latter half of your second trimester regular leggings may start to get a bit tight around the stomach. A lot of moms switch to maternity leggings once their bump starts to grow to provide some added support.
Maternity leggings are sized the same as regular leggings, and you will not have to change sizes. If you wore size medium before your pregnancy, for example, you will be a size medium in pregnancy leggings and tights. It’s always best to try on leggings if buying in-store. If you’re buying online, check out the size guides to help you select the right sizing. Make sure you can return them for a refund or exchange before you buy.
Most moms switch to wearing maternity leggings and tights when regular leggings start to feel snug around the stomach. It really comes down to a personal preference. At the beginning of the second trimester, regular leggings are too tight for some moms, and over the bump pregnancy leggings are too big. A lot of moms opt for underbelly maternity leggings for the second trimester. Try different styles to find the best pregnancy leggings for you. Mamma knows best.