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Lightweight Training Shoes

Hit the indoor courts or the weight machines in lightweight training clothes and shoes. Supportive shoes and ventilated shorts and tees are made to perform.

adidas Lightweight Training Clothes & Shoes

Heavy, bulky workout clothes that weigh you down? Not here. adidas makes lightweight training clothes and shoes designed to set you free and give you an edge. When it comes to training gear, even a few ounces can make a huge difference. Lightweight workout clothing by adidas gives you everything you need and nothing you don't for your training session or fitness class. Our lightweight gym clothes travel light and are barely perceptible on the body, which is ideal when you're breaking a sweat.

Footwear usually represents the biggest portion of weight in our gym bags. With adidas lightweight training sneakers, you can bring along extra shoes without feeling the bulk. You'll feel light on your feet but still get the support and protection you need as you build strength and agility. It's important to find a workout that works for you, whether its HIIT, dance, elliptical training or something else entirely. Once you find the type of training that gets you excited about working out, you need gear that keeps you feeling motivated to keep pushing. Lightweight training clothes and shoes by adidas are all about helping you find your motivation to move your body. Browse lightweight workout clothes and shoes on