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X Laceless Shoes


adidas X Laceless

adidas x laceless shoes are primarily designed with performance in mind. These soccer shoes are for anyone who doesn’t want to be caged by conventions, but aims to defy the odds on the field with every powerful move. Our X+ models boast an ultralight X-layskin semi-translucent upper that hugs the foot and provides a streamlined fit, responsive touch and lightning-quick pace. The low cut Clawcollar ensures optimum foot lockdown for supreme stability. The 3D moulded heel guarantees a gecko-like fit plus cushioned zones for outstanding ankle movement and stability. These features will allow you to go wherever you need on the field and explode during the game whenever you choose – make a pass, comb through tight defences or hit a game winner. In addition, the arrowhead forefoot and round heel studs on firm ground models ensure lightning-fast stops and starts. To put it simply, adidas x laceless shoes are meant for those who want to be the deciding factor in every game.

adidas x laceless – for fearless field warriors

Each pair of adidas x laceless shoes is carefully designed and crafted to help you perform without fear. The confidence that these shoes channel comes not only from their sleek design, but also their other game-changing features. Skeletalweave uppers ensure flat-out speed and ultra-responsive touch, while the ultralight, perforated Speedframe outsole guarantees ungameed acceleration on firm surfaces. Finally, the laceless design locks in the midfoot to promote exceptional ball contact and ensure outstanding stability during sprints across the field.

Dare to conquer

adidas x laceless shoes will help you conquer the field with their revolutionary technologies and features. With various X models available, you can easily choose one that best suits your performance needs. adidas dares you to explode into every playing arena and show your dominance on the field, no matter how fierce the competition may be.