Knee Pads

Play your game, your way in knee pads from adidas that offer comfortable cushioning for every dig and roll.

adidas Knee Pads

Keep your head in the game, your eyes on the ball and your knees protected with knee pads from adidas. Knee pads are essential for any sport, from basketball to volleyball and beyond. At adidas, we provide a wide selection of comfortable and cushy knee pads that offer superior protection while still allowing you to move comfortably. Whether you're looking for a more minimal look or something bigger that provides the most coverage, our range has something for everyone. Our knee pads are made to hug your knees and provide maximum mobility while also providing match-long durability. Lightweight stretch fabric wicks away moisture and allows your skin to breathe so that no matter how hard you play, you can stay cool and focused. With a variety of colors and designs to choose from, you can find a pair of athletic knee pads that fit your individual look and sports team colors. Dive for that shot in confidence with adidas knee pads today!

Your knees take a lot of pressure – multiple times your body weight simply while walking! So imagine the impact they take when you're diving for that shot and they hit the deck. You play hard, and you want your gear to stand up to all the bumps and bruises. adidas knee pads are designed to be lightweight without sacrificing resistance, so whether you're looking for additional support during a volleyball match or just want some extra padding while running through basketball drills, we have you covered. Choose our best-selling 5-inch knee pads for a streamlined, minimal look that offers just the right amount of coverage. The durable knit sock is made to fit contours and anatomical flex zones without bunching up, allowing you to bend, twist and kneel on the hardwood without it getting in the way. Additionally, the ergonomic design allows maximum flexibility while providing advanced shock absorption, protecting your knees from impact when making sudden movements.

You rely on your knees to get you to the end of the match, so go ahead and return all those middle-of-the-court smashes in confidence wearing adidas knee pads. The thick padding of our Elite knee pads cushions impacts, and the polyester-ramie-elastane blend sleeve allows air and moisture to flow through, enabling sweat to escape quickly and keeping you dry and cool during high-intensity competitions. The snug fit keeps the pads in place throughout your entire workout or game, so you never have to worry about them slipping off or moving around. Think of them like a warm hug from your best friend! The 100% nylon and seamless design of our adidas PRIMEKNIT athletic knee pads is made for when you're at the top of your game, and the contoured memory foam padding with gel inserts makes sure nothing stands in your way. Iconic adidas branding means you're always on the right team.

Looking for a great gift for the athlete in your life who has it all? adidas knee pads are easy to pair with other adidas wear, and with one-size-fits-most dimensions, the recipient will never have to exchange them. Add a pair of Techfit volleyball shorts and CrazyFlight mid volleyball shoes for head-to-toe game-stopping style, or go for a matching long sleeve jersey for combined knee and forearm coverage. And with the body-hugging fit, these knee pads fit easily under track pants topped off with a coordinating jacket. With choices in a range of colors to match just about anything, you can't go wrong. Surprise them around the holidays, on their special "me day" or any other special occasion. It's always the right time to give the gift of the brand with the 3-Stripes. Complete their look and help them stay safe on the court — pick up some knee pads from adidas today!