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Kid's Running Shoes

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<div><div><h4>KIDS' RUNNING SHOES: BOYS AND GIRLS</h4><p>The best thing about exercise is there’s no age requirement. From recess to cross-country practice, kids need footwear that can keep up with all their speeds. Kids’ running shoes by adidas provide endless comfort, durable design and distinct style no matter the setting.</p><p><strong>GIRLS’ & BOYS’ RUNNING SHOES</strong></p><p>Featuring the same supportive midsole and breathable knit uppers as their adult counterparts, our boys and girls’ running shoes offer super-comfortable cushioning, ventilated uppers to keep their feet cool. Grippy Continental™ rubber outsoles prevent slipping, whether your kid is jumping puddles on the playground or taking laps around the track. Choose black sneakers that hold up and hide stains after a hard day’s play or find a pair in their favorite color. Either way, your child will feel good, look good and be ready for whatever activity comes their way.</p><p><strong>INFANT & TODDLER RUNNING SHOES</strong></p><p>Supportive, sturdy and stylish, these tiny runners help your little ones find their stride. Our young kids’ running shoes incorporate convenient hook-and-loop straps and elastic laces so you can get them on and off with ease. Lightweight knit uppers hug and support their foot while ultra-comfy cushioning protects each step. Find junior running shoes with fun graphics, cool colors and accents that make your young one stand out.</p><p><strong>KIDS’ SHOE SIZE GUIDE</strong></p><p>Need help figuring out what shoe size your kid wears? Learn step-by-step how to measure kids’ feet to get the perfect fit for infants, toddlers, and children. Find our <a href="https://www.adidas.com/us/kids_shoe_size_guide" target="_blank" title="Kids Shoe Size Guide">Kids' Shoe Size Guide</a> here.</p></div></div>