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Kids Originals Clothes & Shoes On Sale: Age 0-16

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Restock their sporting wardrobes at our kids' adidas Originals sale

The same high-level technologies that we use in our adult Originals goes into our versions for kids. While they won’t necessarily use all the sporting edges we build in when they’re still toddlers, they’ll certainly still benefit from the cushioning and support in our trainers, for example. These have custom length-measured insoles, which are then fitted with our OrthoLite® sock liners to provide a snug and secure fit, and help to mitigate against chafing. They have EVA midsole cushioning for superb shock absorption abilities. You can get these trainers at discount prices in a choice of designs and colors, from the traditional black and white adidas contrasts to modern patterns and highlighting. Similarly, our t-shirts, shorts and other running gear are all made from breathable materials that help to dispose of sweat efficiently. You’ll find great special offers and promotions on these as well. Wind resistant track tops are also available at our kids adidas Originals sale.

An all-in-one kids' adidas Originals sale

This is your chance to replenish whatever they need in their wardrobe, while saving money on all the items we’ve marked down to clearance prices. You’ll find plenty of casual wear that they can just run around in; sportswear isn’t all you’ll find in the kids' adidas Originals sale. There’s lots of swimwear available, as well as trendy hoodies with the famous adidas Trefoil logo proudly and prominently displayed at an age where brand consciousness becomes very important. We also have a wide range of bags that they can use to carry everything from school lunch in a mini backpack, to all the sporting gear they need for practice after school in a duffle bag. You’ll find more and more items you’ll want to get the longer you spend browsing our kids adidas Originals sale – especially when you see the discount offers waiting for you.