Kids' Knee Pads


Kids' knee pads

Accessories can make the difference. The design and functionality of our iconic collections provide you with the necessary support. adidas provides a great deal of motivation to get you moving. Even if you are not on the way to the gym, our accessories mean you can always see life from a sport angle. adidas designs knee pads for athletes. Our kids' knee pads offer you a stylish edge.

Made for creators โ€“ adidas kids' knee pads

With knee pads collections like Performance, you are always one step ahead of the latest trend. Performance is designed for athletes who are not willing to compromise on style โ€“ it's retro design with a clear focus on performance. There are knee pads in black and white.

We support sportsmanship and creativity. Together, kids's can break the rules and then rewrite them, only to then question them once more. Kids's thrive on moving their bodies and learning all the rules of the game. The collection for kids's from adidas is built to give comfort and confidence. The three stripes are always the perfect fit while workout.

Kids' knee pads from adidas are your new support โ€“ especially if you are prepared to exceed your goals from day to day.