Baby and Toddler Clothes



For every roll, crawl, and first step, little ones are busy becoming the creators of the future. From enjoying tummy time to running around the playground, infants and toddlers will look adorable in adidas baby clothes. Find tiny sweatpants and leggings that will fit active little legs and protect their knees from the ground when they crawl with curiosity. adidas logo t-shirts give casual comfort to your infant and make for an easy outfit to play in. For outings with the parents, tracksuits provide adorable swagger for your toddler, and they’ll love the comfortable warmth the 3-Stripes ensembles give them. Above all, toddler clothing should be functional and cute, and they’ll love cozying up in a little hoodie when the weather cools down. For all the moves your little tyke makes, adidas baby clothes will be there for it all.


Not sure what size to get? Follow our handy tips to find out how kids’ sizes work. Our Kids’ Clothing Size Guide covers how to measure for tops and bottoms so you can shop for the right size with confidence.

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