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Kids' Climbing Shoes


Stay prepared for indoor and outdoor sessions in adidas Five Ten kids’ climbing shoes. They’re built to handle various terrains so that they can enjoy rock climbing without any distractions.

Kids climbing shoes

When it comes to climbing, it is important to provide the right support for climbers of all ages. That’s why adidas has put a lot of effort into the design of kids climbing shoes to support the still growing bone structure and muscles of the little one. Whether heading for an indoor climbing session or an outdoor experience, you will find a variety of styles that are suited for each terrain and surface, with a large choice of colors to suit each kid’s personal taste.

Improved performance with optimal protection

Indoor and outdoor terrains offer different climbing surfaces, that’s why it’s important to understand the various characteristics of kid’s climbing shoes to ensure you choose the right pair. If you are after shoes with good grip, you need to go for a pair with Stealth® rubber outsoles which are the best in the field and will protect against slippage. An EVA midsole is lightweight and has cushioning which can absorb shock, while a medium-stiff midsole is designed to keep you comfortable for longer climbing sessions. A moulded rubber toe patch such as Stealth® Mi6 increases friction at the heel as well as tension which results in a more comfortable fit.

A style for every kid

The adidas kid’s climbing shoes offer styles to suit every need in terms of how they are worn and used. A pair of climbing shoes with laces offers added control as to how tight the fit is, whereas a pair with hook and loop closure offers ease of use as they can be taken on and off very quickly. A pair with a snug fit allows better control of the foot, and for added flexibility, choose a style with textile lining. No matter the terrain and personal preferences, you are guaranteed to find a suitable pair of kids climbing shoes in this collection.