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Kids • Alphabounce

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<div><div><h4>ALPHABOUNCE KIDS</h4><p>There is no single path to the top—no straight shot from potential to professional. For young creators and aspiring game-changers, kids’ Alphabounce sets a new standard in superior fit, flexibility and professional-level endurance. With Forgedmesh technology designed to adapt to every sudden move, an Alphabounce junior is quickly recognized as an Alphabounce senior. Whether tearing it up in the key, setting PRs on the track or breaking away on the field, Alphabounce kids will unlock the support and flexibility required to graduate their game.</p><p><strong>ALPHABOUNCE JUNIOR: KIDS’ ALPHABOUNCE</strong></p><p>Prioritizing traction in even the most relentless conditions, kids’ Alphabounce feature a durable Continental Rubber™ outsole to prevent slippage or wavering moves. The Forgedmesh upper pairs with a stretched Bounce midsole to provide superior linear and multidirectional support. It all comes together in a sleek, futuristic styling that empowers Alphabounce kids to send a message to their competitors: You can try to stop us, but we will not be stopped.</p><p><strong>ADIDAS ARCHIVE: ALPHABOUNCE SHOES</strong></p><p>The Alphabounce line launched in the summer of 2016 as high-performance running shoes with an adaptive fit for runners and versatile athletes. The shape of Alphabounce came from using the Aramis motion capture technology system to measure foot mechanics as an athlete moves. Through motion sensory, the system captured the strain and tension pressure caused by various materials against the foot. The insights gained resulted in technically advanced running shoes, designed to support different athletic movements in training.</p><p><strong>KIDS’ SHOE SIZE GUIDE</strong></p><p>Need help figuring out what shoe size your kid wears? Learn step-by-step how to measure kids’ feet to get the perfect fit for infants, toddlers, and children. Find our <a href="https://www.adidas.com/us/kids_shoe_size_guide" target="_blank" title="Kids Shoe Size Guide">Kids' Shoe Size Guide</a> here.</p></div></div>