Red James Harden Shoes


adidas James Harden Red Shoes

Lace up a pair of James Harden red shoes and show what you can do on the basketball court. Seeing James Harden pick apart his defender is a work of art – every spin and crossover dribble is a beautiful mix of paint, and his finishing moves are that brushstroke of brilliance that's made him such a unique talent. Every other game, he laces a pair of James Harden red sneakers and goes about his warmup before he gets cooking on the court. James Harden basketball shoes are suited to make the most of a quick first step while also cushioning every step. Tightrope close to the sideline, shift quickly from side to side or blow past your defender and show everyone that burst of speed in the fast break. Strike when your opponent least expects it. Drive to the rim, pull up from deep and leave defenders in your wake just like The Beard in James Harden red shoes.

James Harden red shoes are made with BOOST technology to give you the energy return you need from the opening whistle to those grueling last seconds of overtime. Bands on the forefoot and heel give you a locked-down feel all game long, so you can show off that deadly crossover dribble and pull off that spin move in the lane to keep the defense on its toes. A multi-zone rubber outsole has two distinct herringbone patterns that provide additional traction for quick cuts, crossovers, and lethal stepbacks. One of the most evident parts of James Harden basketball shoes is their unique appearance. They have colorful overlays throughout the upper, symbolic of his eye-catching sense of fashion and affinity for bold color combinations. The red is often coupled with contrasting accents to elevate the look, so you can stand out for how you look as well as how you play.

Harden's signature move, the step back, became an overnight sensation as he captured three straight scoring titles between 2017-20. That move has been immortalized in the form of his signature James Harden basketball shoes. The Harden Stepback carries some elements from his main shoes, made for the player that can do it all on the court. A Bounce midsole is soft and springy — ideal for snatching a rebound and getting out in transition to push the pace. Bounce's responsive cushioning makes every step comfortable, whether you're driving to the rim or ready to pull up from deep. Precisely placed eyestays couple with a lace cord and a molded heel unit to give you a locked-down feel from tip-off till the last whistle. James Harden red footwear, like the Stepback, have a patterned outsole to maximize grip. Get the traction you need when you accelerate, cut, change directions or stop on a dime to catch your defender off guard.

You can wear a pair of James Harden red sneakers with adidas black pants, white mesh shorts or a pair of blue jeans on your way to school. Wear them to work on your shot in the gym, for a game of 21 at your local rec center or to kick back with friends while you watch the game on TV. Their eye-catching design is sleek and colorful — just lace up a pair and watch your outfit pop. Whether you lace them up tight for that important game or loose for a casual occasion, they're made to feel soft through every step and keep you comfortable no matter what the day brings. Check out our lineup of James Harden red shoes and make a statement on and off the court, just the way The Beard does.