Waterproof Hiking Jackets


Hike in style and comfort with our waterproof hiking jackets

If you’re planning on taking a hiking trip or are someone who loves the great outdoors, you’re going to need a suitable jacket to ensure you can hike in comfort. We have an excellent range of waterproof hiking jackets available, including our Swift Pro 2.5-Layer collection, Terrex AX jackets, Wandertag jackets, and much more. All of our jackets have been designed using the latest technology to make sure that you have the flexibility to hike in comfort while also keeping any rain away from your skin.

Tackle any conditions with adidas hiking jackets

We’ve designed our range of waterproof hiking jackets with all the features you need for your next trip. Our Swift Pro range, for example, features jackets that can easily be packed inside a pocket for easy storage. We have also made sure all of our jackets feature stretch for unrestricted movement and that they are breathable for sheer comfort too. All the jackets in this range have been expertly seam-sealed, assuring you of complete weather protection.

The perfect jacket for your hiking trip

When looking for the best waterproof jacket for you from the collection available at adidas, there are a number of qualities you will want to consider. If you’re going to be hiking during bad weather conditions, you need to take the level of storm protection into account to ensure you have something tough and durable. If the weather is going to be changing all the time, we have 3in1 jackets that enable you to remove a layer with ease whenever you get too warm. We also have a wide range of different designs and colors to select from, so you can easily pick out something that appeals to your personal taste and current wardrobe.