High Waisted Pants & Shorts

Full coverage equals total confidence. High-waisted pants and shorts from adidas are made for movement.
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High waist Leggings and Joggers

Owing to their comfort and in-fashion designs, high waist joggers from adidas are preferred both on and off the field. These joggers have earned a place in your wardrobe irrespective of your lifestyle. Whether you’re a homebody enjoying your weekend on the couch or an athlete sweating it hard in training, high waist joggers are perfect for all activities. The sweat-wicking material keeps you dry and fresh during long games or training sessions, and additional ventilation is provided to keep you cool and energetic. The lightweight fabric adds to your comfort and makes every movement swift and easy. The high waist enhances the fitting and allows you to bend and stretch in the gym or during a yoga session with no extra effort.

Choosing a high waist jogger that integrates with your lifestyle

High waist joggers from adidas are available in an amazingly vast collection, with several varieties in terms of size, color, pattern, style and additional properties. You can choose pure cotton for a soft and comfortable fit or silky polyester for a lustrous appeal. If you prefer a classic outfit, choose a solid color with a logo or just a plain jogger, or you can bring more fun to your look with graphic patterns. As adidas is known for its sports collections, you can also find sport-specific high waist joggers and keep yourself game-ready all the time.

Rock a high waist jogger

High waist joggers are incredibly versatile and a great addition to every look. You can team yours with a simple t-shirt and add style with an adidas cap and shoes. Choose a snug-fitting rubber-cuff model for a warmer experience and game it with a hoodie for a cool winter look. The zip at the bottom provides a convenient way to slip them on over your favorite adidas shoes. Providing excellent comfort and high-end fashion, high waist joggers are the perfect addition to both your sport and casual clothing collection.