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What is the adidas Employee Store Digital Pass?

adidas Employee Store Digital Pass – Portland, OR and Greenville, SC


·       Digital Employee Store passes act as another access method into the adidas Employee Store. adidas Employee Store customers get the special opportunity to shop the latest adidas gear at exclusive employee-only prices.

·       Digital passes are distributed via email.  Each email contains a unique link that leads to an Employee Store access pass.

·       All digital passes will need to be added to the consumers’ smartphone wallet/pay feature (ex: Apple Wallet or Google Pay) to be redeemed in-store.

o  See HOW TO USE for details.

·       Digital access passes are ONLY to be used at the Greenville and Portland adidas Employee Stores.

o  Passes are not valid online or at any other store.

·       Passes are one-time use.

o  Once the pass is redeemed, it will be removed from the phone.

·       Digital pass holders may bring up to 4 guests per visit.

  • To share the pass, the employee will either need to:
    • Forward the email with the unique link so the recipient can download the pass
    • APPLE ONLY: Transfer pass via share button after it is already downloaded on your phone
      • Once the pass is shared, the original owner can no longer use it.


  • Can I add multiple passes to my phone?
    • Yes, each link represents a separate pass. You can add multiple passes to your phone by using a different link each time.
      • If you have an Apple device, you will be able to share those passes once they have been added to your phone wallet.
  • Why is my pass not adding to my wallet?
    • The link being used is no longer active. You have either already used that link and added that pass to your wallet OR someone has already used that link and added it to their phone. 
      • Be sure unique URLs are only being forwarded to one person (one person per URL).
  • Do these passes expire?
    • Yes, you can check your pass expiration date by:
      • APPLE: checking the date in the top right corner on the front of the pass
      • ANDROID: selecting “Details” and checking the date at the top of the back of the pass.
  • Can I use the pass multiple times?
    • Once redeemed, each pass can be used for the purchases of you and your guests only. The pass will expire after store close on the day of use and be removed from your pay feature.
  • Can I bring guests?
    • Yes, each pass allows the customer to bring up to 4 guests with them. All guests must use the same pass to checkout.
      • Purchases can still be made on separate transactions.
  • Are screenshots accepted?
    • No. For access, the pass will have to be in the phone’s wallet / pay feature. At checkout, the timer will need to be live when presenting the QR code.


o  IMPORTANT:All members of the same party will need to use the same QR code on your phone for their separate transactions.




o   IMPORTANT: All members of the same party will need to use the same QR code on your phone for their separate transactions.




o   IMPORTANT: All members of the same party will need to use the same QR code on your phone for their separate transactions.