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Grey Clothing & Shoes

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adidas Grey Clothes & Shoes

Get the most out of your closet with grey clothes and shoes from adidas. Working out or running errands, you can enjoy the versatility of a neutral color and the comfort of the highest quality materials to keep you cool and dry. On busy days, it's nice to have a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes that will keep up throughout the day. No matter what kind of workout you have in mind, we've designed these clothes and shoes for the most versatile daily performance. Mix and match colors and tones for full grey outfits, like our Matchbreak super shoes paired with grey low cut socks. Or try track pants in grey and a Terry hoodie to complete the look, and earn yourself some extra style points.

For an athletic grey outfit that offers some versatility, you want a good neutral look. Like grey low-cut socks on some grey Ultraboost running shoes; the perfect pairing of style and comfort. With our BOOST midsole technology, you'll feel the way the shoe cushions those hard blows on the ground and gives you back the energy on your takeoffs. Each one of our socks are made with the same breathable fabric as our tees and jackets. So you can power through the runs longer, even if the sun decides to turn up the heat on you. If you want something more casual to wear that still gives you an athletic performance, try on a pair of our tapered pants. They keep you warm and they're made to be flexible for those warm up stretch sessions. The zip slides also make it easy when it's time to get into a pair quickly or pull them right off without a hassle.

With our selection of grey shirts from adidas, there's a tee waiting for your next tee off. Try one of our moisture absorbing jerseys, and train like a professional. Our soccer jerseys feature a nice, clean design with our adidas Badge of Sport, while moisture absorbing AEROREADY technology will keep you clean and dry. From a scrimmage to a night on the town, it's a versatile option. Our Slim 3-Stripes tees are as athletic as they are eye-catching. It's a sporty and elegant way to show off the work you've been putting in, and a comfy part of any workout. So if you're going for a run or hitting the gym, you can do both with style. Like many of our shirts, it's designed with a fine soft cotton. We also have loungewear tees in a crop top style, for some no-nonsense comfort that looks good. Visible stitch patterns and a subtle Trefoil on the chest finishes off the athletic touch.

And no workout is ever complete without a classic pair of grey pants. This iconic looks is made for the day-to-day, and will move with you wherever you go. If you're looking for a high intensity workout, or a pair to slip into when you want to run a few laps around the block, we have a variety of pants and joggers for the occasion. Nothing is more iconic or classic than our 3-Stripe Tiro 21 track pants. Tapered for style, they have become a streetwear staple that gives you an athletic edge along with comfort. Our innovative absorbing AEROREADY technology keeps you cool in any situation. For extra pocket room we also have our Icons fleece cargo pants. With plentiful pockets for your keys, wallet or phone, it's a style that travels. And the elegant gray color works wonders when you combine it with sweat shirts or a matching tee. Slip into a pair of adidas Grey Clothes and Shoes today!