Grey Plus-Size Pants

There’s no shortage of options with our grey, plus size sweat pants. Performance. Comfort. Style. There’s something for everyone and for everything.

adidas Plus Size Grey Pants

How you move is up to you, and with adidas’ grey plus size pants, there’s no limit to what that can look like. If you need something that’s going to keep up with the demands of your workouts, our grey plus size performance tights have you covered with a variety of options that are high-stretch, compression fit or made with our most advanced technologies like moisture-wicking AEROREADY or cooling HEAT.RDY. Some plus-size grey leggings or plus size grey pants are all of the above. A key part of any workout is rest — and a key part of rest? Sweat pants. Choose from a variety of plus size grey sweat pants and settle into their comfort. Grey is the classic color choice of sweat pants after all, and we have a variety of shades so you can find the one that calls to you most. High-rise. Seven-eights length. Whatever cut, fit or vibe you’re looking for, we have the plus size pants to meet your wants. Browse our selection of grey plus size pants and discover your new favorite style.